Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My work on Setswana Spellchecker

Setswana Spellchecker is a spellchecker for Setswana that was created using the Scannell and Otlogetswe wordlist. It includes versions for MySpell for use in OpenOffice and Mozilla on both Windows and Linux. Checkit out here: You may even download it for free if you want.


Anonymous said...

Dumelang thle! Does anyone knw what the name Ntsae mean, apparently its a tswana name

Joche said...

Ntsae / Ntsaye / Ntseye: Leina le le utlwala e le selelo sa mme a re, nnyala ke wa gago. Mme legale ga ke re ke yona tlhaloso e le yosi, go ka nna ga nna le e nngwe e e bofitlha.